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Vivian graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science in Podiatry from Auckland University of Technology in 2006 and has worked at different private podiatry clinics since 2007.

In 2011 Vivian established her own podiatry service –‘Love Your Feet Podiatry’. Vivian has extensive experience with a variety of podiatry conditions from toenail and foot skin problems to sport injuries and biomechanical conditions.

Since Vivian’s clinical experience at the diabetic foot clinic (wound care) at Waitakere Hospital in 2011 she was sub-contracted at a diabetic clinic as a diabetes podiatrist for Procare PHO. Vivian has subsequently assessed and treated a vast number of diabetes patients since 2012.

Vivian was directly contracted under Procare Primary Health Organization as a diabetes Podiatrist and contracted under ACC for ankle and foot injuries.
General Podiatry
Love Your Feet offers diagnosis and treatment to a range of foot and lower leg conditions. Below is a small portion of common disorders
Diabetic Foot Checks
Diabetes can affect anyone, regardless of their age, weight, gender or race.
Ingrown Toenail Surgery
Nail surgery is only done after a initial consultation first. The strictest principles of instrument sterilization and surgical procedures are always maintained for surgical patients.
Heel Pain
Heel pain is one of the most common foot problems seen in our clinics.

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Podiatrists are in demand more than ever today due to a rapidly growing and aging population. To help you solve any foot issues you may have, feel free to contact us.

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Vivian has a son. Outside of work she enjoys arts, gym and outdoor activities
Vivian Wang